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Oct 16, 2012 12:00pm CDT
feet into a well in midland, texas. it took rescue workers 58 hours to free baby jessica, from the eight-inch wide well cassing.. baby jessica is now known as jessica mclure morales. she's married now with two children of her own. she still lives in midland texas. just a few miles away from the site of the 19-87 rescue. last year, she received an 800- thousand dollar trust-fund when she turned 25. just ahead the nation-wide meningitis outbreak is linked to two more drugs. and, still to come this midday. the american dental association weighs in on halloween and how much candy is too much. a speed bump! [ wife ] a beached whale! lawn clippings! a mattress. a sausage link. mermaid. honey!? driftwood. come on, you gotta help us out here a little. [ male announcer ] febreze eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] febreze. eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ ♪ more drugs from the pharmacy already link to a fatal outbreak are under investigation. the meningitis outbreak from a steroid for back pain has left more than 200
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm EDT
minutes. if you're going out 66, going down 234 or headed down 15 west of midland, you've got some pretty heavy weather, slow going but not severe. temperatures accident 61 laytonsville, 62 great -- temperatures, 61 laytonsville, great falls and reston. 66 downtown and in college park. it is just rolling through the district right as we speak. drying out quickly, some wet spots, though, for the evening commute. a little cooler tomorrow, but nothing crazy cool. grab your shades tomorrow, milder wednesday. tonight breezy with showers and storms ending early, then clearing and filed, 44 to 52, wind northwest 10 to 15. want to walk your dog after dinner, showers should be gone. by morning mostly sunny, cool, maybe a light jacket, 40s and 50s, that not windy. by afternoon mostly sunny, cooler, but nice, high temps around 65 and winds out of the northwest at about 10, a very nice day tomorrow. so the zone forecast, well, 50 in oakland tomorrow, 58 cumberland, sunshine from the mountains to the coast, 60 in hagerstown, 62 winchester, warm spot culpeper 66, 64 warrenton, manassas, leesburg, fairf
FOX News
Oct 22, 2012 11:00pm PDT
a tremendous appeal, especially in the industrial midlands of the country. >> greta: i think if i were to say what i like best that governor romney did tonight it wasn't until the very end when he looks into the camera and he says to the american people something i will work with you. and i think, you know, with all the sort of problems that the american people have had with washington, i thought that was effective. anyway, pat, we have got to go. thank you. >> um-huh. >> greta: be sure to join us again at midnight for a special hour of "on the record." carl rove and political panel will be here plus more. we will see you at midnight. right now back to you, bret. >> bret: all right, greta, thanks. see you then. >> megyn: when we come back, charles krauthammer joins us live with his thoughts. don't go away live here in boca raton, florida. everyone has goals. take the steps to reach yours, with us with real advice, for real goals. the us bank wealth management advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients, so they can ta
Oct 19, 2012 4:00am EDT
with cross border m&a, archer daniels midland has confirmed it bought a 10% stake in grain corp. adm says it's also seeking talks on a takeover that will give america'sing a gra business a stronger supply base to asia. they have until next tuesday to study the proposal. and china's direct foreign investment slipped again in september. extending the longest run of declines. and for the first nine months of the year, fde strank to roughly $83.5 billion. there were positive bits of news. china remains on course to meet its targets. outbound rose almost 29% year on year. joining us now for more is managing director and head of research at reorient financial markets. is it around the positive today as it was in the past is th. >> not by any means. k45 china is becoming a normal large economy. when there is m akdnd&a cross b across into united states and japan, they're asking themselves was there a good investment to make by softbank in sprint nextel and i think in china, the same thing is happening. our company is very much involved in these foreign invegsmentes in china and many of these foreign
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)